A1 Messiah Complex Cosplay

A2 Tim Kellam

A3 Home Made Game Guru

A4 Capture Paranormal Investigations

A5 Nerdful Things

A6 Nerdful Things

A7 Hall of Names

A8 Hall of Names

B1 Craig Fergeson

B2 Superhero Sanctum

B3 Superhero Sanctum

B4 Blackburn Radio

B5 LA Mood

B6 Superhero Sanctum

B7 Superhero Sanctum

B8 Blackburn Radio

B9 La Mood


C1 Yuriy

C2 Matt Bhanks

C3 Geek Studios

C4 Icy Jewelery

C5 Dream Costumes

C6 Walk way

C7 Hemp to Home

C8 Victoria Ave United Church

C9 Krishada Games

C10 JOvian veiL

C11 Rural 3-D

C12 Rural 3-D

C13 Dream Costumes

C14 Walk way

C15 Sipco Games

C16 Cogeco

C17 Krishada Games

D1 Wolf Den Art

D2 Not Sew Sorry

D3 Widsor Comic Con

D4 Canadian Comic Book Bin

D5 Canadian Comic Book Bin

D6 Pop Swap

D7 Future Pastimes

D8 The New GME

D9 Underdog Toys

D10 Ron Ferroni

D11 Akizabone

D12 MP Collectables

D13 MP Collectables

D14 Pop Swap

D15 Comic Oasis

D16 Comic Oasis

E1 Ontario Order of the Pheonix

E2 James Campbell

E3 Bob Ross Pool

E4 Lego Area

E5 Milantoon Channel

E6 The Movie Madhouse

E7 Freak Parade

E8 Freak Parade

E9 Sam Noir

E10 Defenders Realm

E11 Defenders Realm

E12 Defenders Realm

E13 Shooting Gallery

E14 The Movie Madhouse

E15 Londonrock Inc

E16 Londonrock Inc

F1 Pop Fiction

F2 DeLait Seams

F3 Sugar Momma Confections

F4 Walk way

F5 Gary Bauer

F6 Storm Cup Creations

F7 Evil & Enchanted Jewelery

F8 Pop Fiction

F9 Jay A DeFoy

F10 Bunny G

F11 Walk way

F12 Safety Village

F13 Thirty-One

F14 Evil & Enchanted Jewelery

G1 Raffle & Auction

G2 Big Top Cartoons

G3 Deanna De Kreijzer

G4 Virgil's Art

G5 Age of Legends

G6 Cora's Creations

G7 Elite Mini Figures

G8 Raffle & Auction

G9 Mr T's Toys

G10 Mr T's Toys

G11 Big Brothers/Big Sisters

G12 Toronto Gaymers

G13 Slothie Studios

G14 Elite Mini Figures

H1 Em-Al-Lu

H2 Em-Al-Lu

H3 Gr8 Collectables

H4 Gr8 Collectables

H5 Omega Autographs

H6 Snows Martial Arts Academy


H8 Lisa's Lair

J1-J8 The Arena

K1 DDC Collectables

K2 Custom Coaster Plus

K3 Custom Coaster Plus

K4 Gizmos

K5 Kevin Morse

K6 Country Bumpkin Boutique

K7 Kraken Comics

K8 Michael Handsor

L1 CKX Photo Flex

L2 Take A Bow

L3 Take A Bow


M2 United Equipment Rentals

M3 Tasty Treat

M4 Crimson Dawn