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Floor Map (1)_edited.jpg

A1 Food

A2 Food

A3 Projection Screen

A4 Burke Equipment Rentals

A5 Basil Bombardeir Potion & Wand Emporium

A6 The Movie Madhouse Podcast Lounge

A7 The Chair

A8 Sky's Transporter Room

B1 Ben Van Dongen & CM Forest

B2 The Toy Butcher - Mike Thain

B3 Expozurez Virtual Photography

B4 Brian Anstee Illustration

B5 Kyle Barnett

B6 L.A. Mood

B7 L.A. Mood

B8 Cutie Patootie Studios

B9 Hand Cust Company

C1 Matt Wayne Bhanks

C2 Matt Wayne Bhanks

C3 Dragoncat Alchemist

C4 Chatham Honda

C5 Rim & Ribs

C6 Thamesville Threshing Festival

C7 Big Brothers Big Sisters

C8 Online Auction

C9 Sharon Jefferson

C10 519 Ghostbusters


C12 Rural 3-D

C13 AK Collectables

C14 Your TV

C15 Oceanic Artistic

C16 Online Auction

D1 Roger Wood 'N Things

D2 Comic Oasis

D3 Comic Oasis

D4 Kings Pawn

D5 She's Got Leggz

D6 Blue Dipped Designs

D7 MP Collectables

D8 The New GME

D9 Essex-Middlesex Historical Society

D10 Red Umbrella Art

D11 Happy Fidgets

D12 Twisted Chris

D13 Kylie Elizabeth

D14 Summoning Something Cute

D15 MP Collectables

D16 MP Collectables

E1 Ontario Order of the Pheonix

E2 Defenders Realm

E3 Defenders Realm

E4 Glowspark Originals

E5 The Littlest Pinecone

E6 Fast Factory Sim Racing

E7 Freak Parade

E8 Freak Parade

E9 Shooting Gallery

E10 Defenders Realm

E11 Defenders Realm

E12 Dreamweaver Face Painting

E13 Future Pastimes

E14 Aura Rose Crystals

E15 Londonrock Inc

E16 Londonrock Inc

F1 Toy Wars & Collectables

F2 1,000,000 Comix

F3 1,000,000 Comix

F4 1,000,000 Comix

F5 I Need That Comic & Games

F6 Henna Glam

F7 Anthologie Collective & DDK

F8 Toy Wars & Collectables

F9 Higher Elo Creative

F10 Jurassic Parking Plastic

F11 Dungo Draws

F12 Continue Collectables

F13 Take A Bow

F14 Anthologie Collective & DDK

G1 Pop Fiction


G3 Paint Night 2022 Pokeplus

G4 Turns & Tales

G5 Sherry's Colourful Nail Affair

G6 Lydia Palmer Art

G7 Elite Mini Figures

G8 Pop Fiction

G9 Gary from We Bought A Funeral Home

G10 Mr T's Toys

G11 Mr T's Toys

G12 Illustration Studio 78

G13 Slothie Studios

G14 Elite Mini Figures

H1 Em-Al-Lu

H2 Em-Al-Lu

H3 Em-Al-Lu

H4 Dice & Stuff / Mirror World Publishing

H5 Crafy Chicks

H6 Running Sandman Creations

H7 Scarehouse Windsor

H8 Lisa's Lair

J1 Popz Station

J2 Pour Decisions

J3 Geek Studios

J4 Hitch House Soaps

J5 Pastel Nightmares

J6 Michael Handsor

K1 TVX Sabers

K2 Tasty Treats

K3 Black Fawn Distro

K4 Miss Bentley

K5 Destination Retro

K6 Wolf Den Art

K7 Printastic 3D / Wacky Toys

K8 Total Play

L1 Empty

L2 Teresa Oldham Photography

L3Dalek Harper

M1 501st Vindicator Squadron

M2 Lens Mill's

M3 Lindy Cosplay supply & repair station

M4 DadPool

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