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Welcome to the CKX Continuity

It all started in 2015. Created by Chris Bullard and Dan Hammond and designed by Dan Hammond, The Maple Marauder became the guardian of CKX and Chatham-Kent. A lonely soul found orphaned and raised by a blind man in the woods, the Protector of CK loves wrestling.

In 2016, Dan Hammond created and designed Leaf Lad, the sidekick to our Maple Marauder.

And now in 2017, created by Chris Bullard and Rob Thibodeau and designed By Rob Thibodeau, we have Ravenous! Four diabolical crows out to terrorize the Maple city. There is Mic-Crow, the smallest, protected by his tin can. Then Crow-mie, part crow, part machine. Also there is Crow-Magnon, a crow out of time. And the brains behind it all, Scare-Crow!

They are the colouring contest for this year and the newest addition to the CKX continuity.

In 2018 we will be introducing a new villain to the CKX continuity! He will be premiered in CK Expo's first comic book written by J. Robert Bellamy, drawn by Dan Hammond and lettered by Andrew Thomas! Our new villain was created by Andrew Thomas and J. Robert Bellamy. Once the event is over we will be posting his picture here.

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