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Cosplay Rules


1. CKX is a family friendly event. Please be considerate of your surroundings.

2. Cover your body parts. Paint is not a costume. If your costume is too revealing or inappropriate

you will be ask to cover up or change. Remember this is a family friendly event.

3. Hate symbols will not be tolerated at CKX. DO NOT use them!!!

4. Rollerblades and Roller skates are not permitted in the convention centre.

5. Weapons must be fake! No real weapons will be permitted in the convention centre.

6. Weapons must not be used to scare other people. E.g. No pointing a gun at a person. If this is

seen you will be asked to leave the premises. A weapon may be pointed at someone for a photo

if both parties agree. Please be mindful of other people’s feelings when it comes to the use of

your weapon.

7. Swearing is not permitted in performance and will result in termination from the competition.

8. The convention will not supply helpers for cosplayer’s. If your costume is big and you need

assistance it is your responsibility to ensure you have the help needed.

9. You may have assistance constructing your costume. You must tell the judges who helped you

and what they helped you with. If this is not mentioned and the judges find out you will be

disqualified from the competition.

10. Each person may only have one of their costumes in the competition. If you help a friend with a

minor section of costume that will not count as you having two costumes in the competition.

11. Belittling and Harassing will not be tolerated during the event. If this is seen at any time you will

be disqualified from the event. E.G. Telling someone they are too big to portray a certain

character. Cosplay is meant to be fun regardless of age, sex, race, height, weight etc…


How Cosplay is marked (see grid for additional information)

Prejudging- This is where you tell the judges about your costume.

Performance-This is where you impersonate your character.

Creativity- This is the use of materials and the creativeness used to make the costume.

Craftsmanship-This is your ability to construct the costume.


*Each level will be marked a bit differently so please check out the grid and follow guidelines for your level. If you are not sure which level you should enroll in please contact Kristina Garant at

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