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CK Expo welcomes back Tony Gray and Glass Monkey Studios!

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Tony Gray is a Canadian born comic book writer and illustrator and early supporter of CK Expo!

He began his career as an editorial illustrator for some of North America's largest newspaper chains such as Southam Press, CanWest, and PostMedia. Tony has worked on comic books, syndicated comic strips and character designs for companies which include, DC Comics, GlassMonkey Studios, Hasbro and Chrysler. Gray has illustrated works featuring characters as widely diverse as Batman, Spider-man,
Red Sonja and Princess Lollipop!

Gray is currently working on the comic book features,' Tales of the Incredible Conduit' along with it's syndicated strip which began in 2009, 'Lou & Blue' with actor Kenny Hotz (Kenny vs Spenny) and illustrating the Spencer Rice (Kenny vs Spenny) written comedy series, 'Hypno-Bitch'. The international daily comic strip, 'Saturday Afternoon', which began it's run in the year 2000, is also created, written and drawn by Tony Gray.
Gray is also working with Nicholas Hammond, who played Spider-man/Peter Parker in the 1970's live action television series, on bringing that version of the character to comic book format.

In 2011, Tony partnered with colleague David Finch to incorporate GlassMonkey Studios, which has provided illustration work for companies such as Hasbro and Chrysler. In 2012, Gray took over sole ownership of GlassMonkey and assumed the publishing mantle for the comic book titles ‘Tales of the Incredible Conduit’, ‘white plastic’, 'Carla Homicide' and ‘GlassMonkey Business Presents.'

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