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Sipco Games is an independent board game, video game, and tabletop RPG development company. Comprised of gamers to design for gamers, we take our service for fans very seriously. We are excited to be present at CKExpo with our Artist from Mysticdreams Creations. The games we plan on bringing along are:


GEEKS & TONIC - A geeky Drinking PvP card Game for 2-6 players where you outlive and outdrink the other players to win.


SCP:BREAKOUT - A Horror Survival Pen and Paper Tabletop RPG game similar to games like D&D where you must survive unspeakable horrors in a secret facility during a breakout scenario.


PRINTS - Artistic renditions from our games and other projects for sale! Catering to fans as well!


VILLAINOUS - We are hoping to show off our newest game Villainous! A Fantastic game like Superfight were you have to be the villain and lead the players into world domination with silly characters and weapons!

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