This Year's Line up!

Stay tuned to this page to find out what will be happening at CKX and when and where it will be. We will be posting schedules for the celebrities,film room, the panel room and any other cool event that will be going on!

The Defenders Realm will be back for all the young ones. We will have a variety of things going on as well as some incredible vendors in the area to make the day exciting. Click the logo to see more

The JX3 Film & Panel room will be hosting some great panels, awesome sketch duels and a few local films thrown in for fun. Some are by people that will be at the convention. Even a world premiere. Click the poster to see more.

Our Cosplay competition is back! And the stage will be busy all day with the cosplay contest, interviews with our celebrities and more. Click on Messiah Complex Cosplay to read all about it!

Climb aboard the bridge of a starship from the Star Trek universe. The Artimus Bridge Project puts you in the pivitol seats that help protect our known galaxies. This will be happening at the front of the John D. Bradley Centre beside the JX3 Film & Panel room

The CKX Game Room will have a variety of things happening. A Magic the Gathering tournament, A Yu Gi Oh Tournament, as well as some free play tables to enjoy some of the games from out games library.

And what would a CKX be like without GOES. Game On Entertainment Services will be back with a variety of systems and hosting a bunch of different games. Click on the logo to learn more about GOES.

Also in the game room we will have Twitch streamers Braelynnx and Vertigo67 on live streaming. Stop by to see these two Live Streaming. They will also be have a Mario Kart Switch tournament with a sign up fee.

Returning from Mall of the Dead, Pic This Studios will be powering the CKX Photoflex booth this year. Have your picture taken in the warm John D Bradley Centre and then have yourself green screened onto the top of a glacier outside the Fortress of Solitude, while never getting cold. Pic This Studios is generously donating a portion of each picture purchased back to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

In the film and panel room we will be having 3, count 'em, 3 sketch duels. At 11 am watch as one of the original artists of CKX , Tony Gray, goes head to head against the co-creator of Raven-ous, Rob Thibodeau.  Then, at 1:30 pm we have a student/teacher match. Vince Marchesano takes on the student he taught, Stephan Peterson. Finally at 3:30 pm we have Kyle Barnett going up against Jason Ward. This will be happening in the film & panel room located through the games room. Click on Tony Gray to see more.

The CKX Charity Silent Auction will be back with a twist. We will still have some signed memorabilia available to bid on but we wil also have a raffle going on for various other items as well. Some of the vendors have graciously donated to the table to help raise money for the charity. Click on Vader to see what else will be there.

For the first time this year we will be having our 12 o'clock group photo. Just before noon we will be putting a person up in the air to get the largest group shot we've ever done. Be sure you're there just before lunch so when the picture is posted you can find yourself in it.