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Matt Wayne Bhanks is an author/artist who has written and self-published what is called the Master Defenders Novel Trilogy. His first book called Master Defenders was released in 2013, followed by Master Defenders 2: Codes of Corruption in 2015, and then Master Defenders 3: Shields of Hope in 2016. Master Defenders has been featured on CBC Television and Radio, Windsor Star, Lasalle Post, CKLW, and more. Many people really enjoy Matt's action-themed novels due to the lovable characters and intensifying plots that keeps readers hooked from start to finish. Students have also used his stories for school projects and have received outstanding marks. Matt has a Communications degree from the University of Windsor and he hopes to someday become a professional screenwriter. Check out his Facebook and Wiki page and join the Master Defenders fan base.  


Master Defenders (2013):
"A group of extraordinary heroes are ordered to prevent a vile alliance from unleashing a monstrous abomination."

Master Defenders 2: Codes of Corruption (2015):
"After the new leader of AIA Central has Cain X sign a secretive accord, the league is reformed into a terrorist organization and has the east sector labelled as their initial target."

Master Defenders 3: Shields of Hope (2016):
"When humans and Pixalians are trapped on Earth due to a planetary force field, the defenders face off against a reawakened legion of shadows in a war that involves a massive portal of secrets."

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