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Have you ever wanted to take over the Earth but your friends have differed on how to do this? Did you ever wish you had a card simulator to decide who was right, and to have the right to yell "THE EARTH IS OURS!!" in your friends face?  


Well, we had this issue as well. To solve this dilemma a game was forged within the confines of a dark and dingy garage. This game will pit the Benevolites and the Nefarians against each other to take over the world! The game can be played one on one or on teams up to 5 people per side. Yes, that's right 10 players! Your teammates will help defend your agenda on saving the world, just as your opponents teammates will try to destroy the world!  


The Earth is OURS!! has players choosing sides and playing with their teammates to achieve the goals set on either side. With a 216 card arsonal at your fingertips you and your teammates will enter a heated strategic battle that will leave you in stitches as you strive towards your goal of global dominance, only to be thwarted at every turn as your opponents counter your actions with "I don't think so!" cards.  


During game play each side strives to achieve a predetermined amount of points and aims to collect those points in each sector; Economical, Environmental, Industrial, Political, and Technological. The team that reaches the goal in each sector first claims the ultimate prize and shouts out....

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