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Becky Shrimpton does voices for fun and profit. Sometimes that means doing
commercials for major brands like Glad, Hill’s Science Diet, and American Express.
Sometimes that means voicing killer animatronics as the voices of Funtime Chica
and Bon Bon in the hit game series Five Nights at Freddy’s. Sometimes she’s saving
Pontypandy as Nurse Helen Flood and as of Season 11, Fire Fighter Penny Morris on
Amazon Prime’s US version of Fireman Sam. Every time she’s having a ball delighting
(and freaking out) kids of all ages.
Another thing Becky loves is movies and genre pop-culture. So back in 2016, she
became a podcaster and a pop-culture commentator on The Royal Canadian Movie
Podcast. There, you can hear her talking movies with all sorts of exciting Canadian film
industry experts from Academy Award Winners to Canadian Comedy Award winners.
This March, she’ll be co-hosting a new podcast from The Globe Content Studio and
Microsoft. AI Meets World will dive deep into how modern AI technology is changing
the world around us and using sci-fi movies and TV to explore the complex topics.

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