Join us for a full day of spaceship exploration and battles!


Let's work together, be inclusive, learn and share your skills, have fun and remain safe! These are our values when we play with one another.


Report to the bridge!


We want to create a "Artemis - Spaceship Bridge Simulator" social group here in Chatham-Kent, Ontario where we play once a month.  



Talk to one of us about getting started. Or, find three to six people and agree to meet once a month to play at a public venue. It's that easy!



The Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet is a voluntary common-interest association where a group of individuals who enter into an agreement, to form a body/organization to accomplish the vision of creating multiple sustainable "Artemis - Spaceship Bridge Simulator"  communities in Canada. Each division is their own autonomous group in a their local communities, with a Commanding and Executive officer leading the way. Currently, there are six groups currently operating in Ontario, and four in British Columbia. We all want to play together and are working towards that common goal!